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Heating Maintenance

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Heating Maintenance in Fort Collins, CO

Hooley Heating & Air Proudly Offers Heating Maintenance Services Throughout Fort Collins, Colorado and The Surrounding Areas.

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Precision Maintenance

Valid for maintenance only. Any repairs at our Flat Rate pricing. May only be applied towards one unit (i.e. furnace or AC). Residential equipment only. Offer good with coupon only. Not valid with any other offer.

Expires October 31, 2023

If you want your heater to reach its full potential this winter, contact Hooley Heating & Cooling for outstanding heater maintenance in Fort Collins, CO. Call today!

Heaters are a lifesaver during Colorado’s harsh winter season. However, heaters experience significant wear and tear over time that prevent them from operating at their highest efficiency level. Fortunately, Hooley Heating & Cooling offers first-rate heater maintenance in Fort Collins, CO, that will have your unit functioning better than ever at a rate that won’t break the bank.

Hooley Heating & Cooling has been one of the most trusted names in heater maintenance services for nearly 45 years. Next time your heater needs professional servicing, contact the experts at Hooley Heating & Cooling.

Hooley Heating & Cooling: Fort Collins, CO’s Trusted Heater Maintenance Company

Even the best heaters need routine maintenance to maintain their performance and overall quality. Although most homeowners can complete minor maintenance tasks like cleaning their heaters, more complex projects require an experienced professional.

Our team of dedicated heating contractors understands all the ins and outs of residential and commercial heating systems and will have your unit in tip-top shape in a flash. We work with all the leading types of heating systems and will help you get the most out of your unit while making it more energy efficient. Below are just some of the maintenance services we offer in Fort Collins, CO:

  • Furnace maintenance
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Heat pump maintenance
  • Ductless heating system maintenance
  • Hybrid heating system maintenance

Why Is Regular Heater Maintenance Important?

Routine heater maintenance ensures your system stays in immaculate condition and keeps your home warm and cozy during the coldest winter weather. However, failing to maintain your heater significantly increases the chances of malfunctions that jeopardize your unit as well as your home’s comfort level. 

Professional technicians can identify potential issues and resolve them before they take hold. This helps you avoid expensive repairs while ensuring your unit maintains optimal performance. 

In fact, having your heater professionally maintained at least once a year can reduce malfunctions by 90% and improve its performance by 40%! It’s one of the best ways to preserve your unit and ensure your home stays comfortable during the frigid winter months.

Benefits of Professional Heater Maintenance from Hooley Heating & Cooling

Professional heater maintenance in Fort Collins, CO, provides more than just increased heating system efficiency. It offers multiple benefits that take your unit to the next level. Below are just some advantages you’ll enjoy from our first-class maintenance services.

Longer Lifespan

Most heaters last around 20 years before breaking down completely. However, routine maintenance can drastically increase your unit’s longevity, giving you several more years of top-quality heating before requiring a replacement. 

Less Frequent Malfunctions

Unmaintained heaters break down much more than well-maintained units. These malfunctions can add up rather quickly, causing you to spend hundreds on repair services over time. Keeping up with your heating system’s maintenance demands decrease the chances of performance issues, preventing you from spending a small fortune on repairs that could have been avoided with maintenance.

Reduces Energy Costs

Overly worn and poorly maintained heaters require more energy to adequately heat your home, causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Hiring professionals to maintain your heater a few times a year will increase its efficiency while diminishing its energy consumption. This keeps your monthly energy payments affordable, saving you hundreds every year.

Enhances Comfort

A well-kept heater can maintain your desired indoor temperature much more efficiently than a poorly maintained unit. Routine maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure your heater can keep up with your heating demands, allowing your home to stay pleasant and warm 24/7.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Debris, dust, and dirt can overtake a heater rather quickly and significantly reduce your home’s indoor air quality. Poor-quality air can cause numerous health problems, ranging from increased allergy symptoms to respiratory issues. Keeping your heating system well-maintained decreases the amount of pollutants inside the system, ensuring it provides healthy, clean air throughout winter.

Contact Hooley Heating & Cooling for Unmatched Heater Maintenance in Fort Collins, CO

Hooley Heating & Cooling has been Fort Collins, CO’s go-to heating company since 1979. Our heater maintenance service will rejuvenate your heater so it keeps your property nice and toasty all winter long without stressing your budget.

Avoid emergency heating repairs and keep your unit functioning efficiently. Give Hooley Heating & Cooling a call at (970) 493-3272 and receive top-notch heater maintenance in Fort Collins, CO, today!

Give us a call today at 970-493-3272 to schedule your service or repairs. 

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