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AC Maintenance

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Affordable AC Maintenance in Fort Collins, CO

Hooley Heating & Air Proudly Offers AC Maintenance Services Throughout Fort Collins, Colorado and The Surrounding Areas.

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Precision Maintenance

Valid for maintenance only. Any repairs at our Flat Rate pricing. May only be applied towards one unit (i.e. furnace or AC). Residential equipment only. Offer good with coupon only. Not valid with any other offer.

Expires October 31, 2023

Keep your air conditioner running as long as possible. When you need air conditioner maintenance, call 970-493-3272 for help.

Air conditioner maintenance is important to ensure your air conditioner runs effectively throughout the summer while keeping you comfortable and safe. You deserve the best AC maintenance in Fort Collins, CO, which means trusting the experts at Hooley Heating & Air. Let us save you money in the long run with prompt and friendly maintenance service.

Why Is Maintenance Important?

Many homeowners think avoiding maintenance can save money, but the opposite is true. When you use Hooley Heating & Air for AC maintenance services, you gain the following benefits:

  • Longer life expectancy: The average life expectancy of an air conditioner is 10 to 15 years, and with regular quality maintenance, you increase the likelihood the device lasts even longer. Longer life expectancy means you can delay the expense of installing a new air conditioner.
  • Reduced repair frequency: With regular maintenance, your HVAC technician can reduce how often your air conditioner needs repairs. With less frequent repairs, you save money and ensure your device doesn’t break when you need it most.
  • Greater comfort: Annual maintenance confirms your air conditioner runs at its maximum potential. As long as you’ve installed the right size for your home, you’ll never lack comfort in Fort Collins, as temperatures rarely exceed 100 degrees.
  • Increased efficiency: Maintenance keeps your HVAC system running efficiently, but why should you care? Higher efficiency means lower energy costs, saving you money and delivering a good return on investment for your attention to proper upkeep. 
  • Warranty compliance: Many manufacturers’ warranties require annual checkups from a certified technician to maintain compliance. If the warranty wanes, you’ll end up paying more for certain repairs. By this logic, annual maintenance can save you money over the costs of non-covered repairs.

What Does Maintenance Include?

Schedule maintenance in the late spring to increase the chances your air conditioner makes it through the summer without issues. Many homeowners also prefer to schedule a second checkup in the fall to determine whether the heavy summer use damaged their devices.

When you schedule AC maintenance in Fort Collins, CO, Hooley Heating & Air performs the following services and more:

  • AC coil cleaning, including the condenser and evaporator coils
  • Air duct maintenance to ensure adequate delivery throughout your home without issue
  • AC filter replacement or cleaning, depending on the type of filter
  • Checking and reprogramming the thermostat
  • Verifying the connection of all electrical components and tightening where needed
  • Inspecting system and safety controls
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Checking refrigerant system levels and leaks and repairing any problems
  • Verifying adequate power levels and performance
  • Confirming the fans and motors run as intended

The Best Maintenance in Fort Collins, CO

What makes Hooley Heating & Air your best option for air conditioning maintenance in the Fort Collins area?

  • Expertise: Our technicians undergo extensive training and stay current on all products and service methods. No matter the question or problem, they can find an answer and a solution. They’re fully licensed and equipped to handle any job, no matter the complexity or type of product.
  • Service: We require our technicians to act professionally and provide the highest level of customer service. No matter how small or simple the project, they approach it with passion and dedication. We work hard to keep you satisfied, and if our maintenance causes a more severe problem, we’ll make it right.
  • Availability: We are available for 24/7 emergency service, so while our maintenance reduces the likelihood you’ll need us for repairs, we’re here to help no matter the time. Contacting us is easy over the phone, by email, or on our website, so you won’t have to jump through hurdles to get the help you need. 
  • Products: We use only the best and highest-quality products on the market. Whether you need a central air conditioner or a window unit, we help you find the best option to suit your needs. When you combine high-quality products with regular expert maintenance, you can rest easy knowing your air conditioner will run smoothly for the coming year.

Contact Hooley Heating & Air for All Your Air Conditioner Needs

If you recognize the benefits of AC maintenance in Fort Collins, CO, call Hooley Heating & Air. With unparalleled expertise and prompt, friendly service, we’ll help your home stay cool all summer without complication. When you need cooling experts, call us at 970-493-3272 to book an appointment.

Give us a call today at 970-493-3272 to schedule your service or repairs. 

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