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Furnace Replacement

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Furnace Replacement in Fort Collins

Hooley Heating & Air Proudly Offers Furnace Replacement Services Throughout Fort Collins, Colorado and The Surrounding Areas.

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It’s no secret that Fort Collins, CO, gets incredibly cold during winter. That’s why it’s important to have a high-quality heating system that will keep your property warm and cozy until spring arrives. However, sometimes furnaces give out and leave your home chilly and uncomfortable until you replace the unit.

Hooley Heating & Air offers exceptional furnace replacement in Fort Collins, CO, and will upgrade your home or business with a first-class furnace that exceeds your expectations.

Hooley Heating & Air is Fort Collins’ go-to choice for professional heating and cooling services. If you need experienced HVAC professionals to enhance your heating system’s efficiency and overall quality, contact Hooley Heating & Air.

First-Class Furnace Replacement Services in Fort Collins, CO

Furnaces usually need a replacement every 30 or so years. Their heating capabilities start to decline once they hit the 15-year mark and steadily decrease until they eventually break down entirely. Older furnaces also require more energy to heat your home efficiently, causing your monthly energy bills to soar.

Upgrading your home with a new furnace ensures your family stays warm during the coldest winter nights. Our team has vast experience installing all the leading furnace varieties and will help you replace your unit with a more efficient model. Below are just some of the furnace types we work with:

  • Natural gas furnaces
  • Oil furnaces
  • Electric furnaces
  • Propane furnaces

If you’re not sure which furnace best suits your home, we will recommend a model that fits your needs and budget flawlessly. We also offer top-quality furnace maintenance across the greater Fort Collins area and will help you keep your new unit in immaculate condition year-round.

From natural gas furnace replacement to professional furnace maintenance, contact Hooley Heating & Air for all your residential and commercial furnace needs.

Signs of a Failing or Faulty Furnace in Fort Collins

Many Fort Collins property owners have trouble determining when they need to replace their furnaces. Fortunately, most units display warning signs before they succumb to age or wear. Below are a few signs that you need furnace replacement in Fort Collins, CO.

Your Furnace Is 15 Years Old or Older

Again, most furnaces struggle to maintain your preferred indoor climate once they hit 15 years old and use more energy to operate. This can cause you to pay more for subpar heating, making it more cost-effective to replace the system. Replacing your furnace with a newer model will ensure your home meets your needs 24/7 while reducing your heating system’s energy demands.

Uneven Heating

Since older and outdated furnaces aren’t as efficient as modern varieties, they often have trouble pushing warmth through your ductwork, making it difficult for the air to reach specific rooms. This results in uneven room temperatures that can leave some rooms much warmer than others. Replacing your unit will resolve uneven heating, ensuring every room of your home receives warm, comfortable air throughout winter.

The Unit Makes Strange Sounds

While slight furnace humming is relatively common, loud, peculiar noises are often a cause for concern. Most furnaces produce strange sounds when they experience a problem or are about to break down. Below are some concerning furnace sounds and what they typically signify:

  • Shrieking indicates a broken or loose internal mechanism.
  • Grinding indicates a blower wheel issue.
  • Whining can signify various issues that require a professional to identify.
  • Rumbling indicates an ignition issue or burner problem.

These issues will worsen over time and eventually cause the furnace to give out. Always contact a professional heating and cooling company to identify the problem and resolve any peculiar noise coming from the unit.

If you notice any of the problems above, contact Hooley Heating & Air. Our heating contractors will replace your unit with the model of your choice so you can enjoy warm, pleasant air all winter.

Contact Hooley Heating & Air for Unmatched Furnace Installation in Fort Collins, CO

If you have an outdated heating system and need to upgrade to a modern model, contact Hooley Heating & Air for outstanding furnace replacement services. Our team will equip your property with a best-in-class furnace at a price that won’t burden your financial means. We’ve helped thousands of Fort Collins home and business owners upgrade their heating systems, and we can do the same for you.

Call Hooley Heating & Air at (970) 493-3272 and schedule your furnace replacement in Fort Collins, CO, today!

Give us a call today at 970-493-3272 to schedule your service or repairs. 

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