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Furnace Repair

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Furnace Repair in Fort Collins

Hooley Heating & Air Proudly Offers Furnace Repair Services Throughout Fort Collins, Colorado and The Surrounding Areas.

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New activity from your furnace is never a good sign. Contact our specialized team to get your system back on track!

Fort Collins has beautiful, balmy summers that range from the low to mid-80s, perfect for outdoor activities, from canoeing and swimming to hiking and horseback riding. However, the winters are known to dip to below-freezing temperatures of about 17 degrees, making heating necessary for keeping the festivities going. If you need a furnace repair in Fort Collins, reach out to our HVAC professionals.

At Hooley Heating & Cooling, our team of over 40 years understands repairs are a regular part of caring for your heating system. That’s why we offer 24/7 furnace repair services and extensive knowledge of all HVAC components. We guarantee customer satisfaction and a job well done every time. 

Common Signs You Need a Furnace Repair

Call a professional if you notice any of the following.


Furnaces move warm air from the air handlers through the ductwork, which creates a whirring sound. You’ll also notice the vents popping as the metal sheets expand and contract with changing temperatures. However, if banging occurs nonstop throughout the cycle or rattling, buzzing, or other unprecedented sounds evolve, your system may have loose or worn parts. 


Abnormal smells are another alarming factor that points to underlying issues. While you can remedy certain smells like burning dust by cleaning your filters or mustiness from fungal growth by removing stagnant water, others need a professional’s touch. For instance, a dangerous carbon monoxide smell occurs with improper combustion, and a rotten egg smell means a gas leak if you have a gas furnace. 

Other Symptoms

Each furnace is comprised of several dozen components that work in unison to provide warming relief. Unfortunately, that means one minor issue causes numerous other symptoms that require a furnace repair in Fort Collins, CO, including: 

  • Uneven heating: If your system is old or undersized, it may have trouble keeping up with your thermostat demands. Similarly, oversized units turn on and off frequently, causing cold spots, especially in areas far from the vents.  
  • Leaking water: If a humidifier issue or clogged condensation drain is causing condensed water to back up, water pools around the unit. The furnace may also have a crack contributing to a leak.
  • No warm air: Just as dirty filters cause the system to overheat and shut down before completing one full cycle, a broken blower motor prevents airflow by not directing it to the right places. While a faulty thermostat, filthy burners, or clogged flame sensors don’t restrict airflow, they can bar the air from heating. Instead, cool air escapes from the vents into each room.
  • Higher energy bills: The lower your heating system efficiency, the longer the unit runs to warm your home. The prolonged cycles pull more energy from your utility grid, causing your electricity costs to transcend. Sometimes a repair alleviates this, but in some cases, a furnace replacement is vital.

Why Choose Us to Repair Your System

There are many reasons to choose Hooley Heating & Air to be your trusted furnace repair provider. As Fort Collins’ leading HVAC company, we’ve got the skills and expertise to get the job done right the first time. 

Operating Since 1979

Because your system relies on many functioning components to operate optimally, it takes HVAC technicians with extensive experience to know how to treat them all. At Hooley Heating & Cooling, we have over 40 years of combined experience dealing with all heating and cooling unit makes and models. 

From ductless mini-splits to furnaces and boilers, we’ve been maintaining, repairing, and installing all brands from top manufacturers for decades. Therefore, trust we supply the appropriate state-of-the-art tools, parts, and know-how to deal with anything your unit throws your way. 

100% Customer Satisfaction

But what does experience matter if it doesn’t come with customer satisfaction?  A furnace repair in Fort Collins demands care and patience. Our team will not skimp over the intricate repair or replacement process. Each skilled technician follows a thorough checklist, so we never miss a step.

Because we hold ourselves to the highest standards, we guarantee a job well done every time. We also treat each job like it’s our only, so you know we won’t leave until we complete the service and test your system afterward for optimal efficiency.  

HVAC Professionals Near You!

Whether you need furnace maintenance or an emergency furnace repair in the middle of the night, we offer 24/7 services, so we’re there when you need us. We also provide services to the residents of Fort Collins and surrounding areas so we can reach as many in need as possible. 

To schedule your furnace repair in Fort Collins, CO, or nearby regions, call (970) 493-3272. We’ll provide an estimate today!

Give us a call today at 970-493-3272 to schedule your service or repairs. 

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