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Heating Installation

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Heater Installation in Fort Collins, CO

Hooley Heating & Air Proudly Offers Heating Installation Services Throughout Fort Collins, Colorado and The Surrounding Areas.

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When the cold is making you hot under the collar, step away from it by scheduling a heater installation!

Colorado is known for its abundance of towering mountains that provide the perfect environment for several snow ventures, from skiing to bobsledding. It’s also one of the top five states with the most ski resorts for residents and tourists. However, no winter activity would be complete without a warm, comforting indoor escape, so consider a heater installation in Fort Collins, CO. 

Since 1979, Hooley Heating & Cooling has been maintaining, repairing, and replacing heating components of all types, makes, and models for optimal comfort. With our 24/7 services always exceeding industry standards, it’s no wonder our locally-owned and operated company has the highest ratings. When you need an installation, trust us to walk you through the process.

How Your Heating System Works

Furnaces are some of the most common types of heating systems in Colorado. They utilize electricity or gas to heat surrounding air before sending it into your ductwork. Since they create rather than transfer existing warm air like heat pumps, they have a higher heating system efficiency rating. 

Your system should last 15 years with proper maintenance. At-home maintenance includes changing the thermostat batteries and air filters seasonally and scheduling semiannual tune-ups. Unfortunately, improper care or old age leads to heating problems like inadequate airflow and unnerving noises, some of which a professional can only remedy with a replacement. 

Furnace Installation Services

If your qualified heating contractors believe a heater installation in Fort Collins, CO, is necessary for regaining maximum comfort, they’ll begin by removing your current system. 

After shuffling away debris from around the equipment and clearing a path so they can get the unit outside, they’ll:

  • Disconnect the unit from its power source and gas supply
  • Unscrew the nuts and bolts that secure the current system to the floor
  • Measure the floor opening so they know what new furnace size to install
  • Thoroughly clean the area to keep dust from building up in the new system

New Furnace Installation

Our team measures the square footage of your home to ensure your furnace is not too big or small. If inappropriately sized, the unit will short or long cycle, respectively, causing hot and cold spots and premature heater deterioration. They’ll also ensure the new furnace fits into the existing floor opening.

After purchasing the new unit, the technicians will bolt the system to the floor and carefully reconnect the gas and electrical wiring. They’ll also connect it to the:

  • Ductwork (if you’re not installing a mini-split heating system_
  • Vent pipe to remove CO from your home if you have a gas furnace
  • Condensate pump or drain to prevent condensed water from backing up and pooling around the furnace

Final Checks

To finalize your heater installation services, our team double-checks that they installed everything appropriately. So, after turning on the gas and electricity, they run the unit for one cycle. 

They’ll conduct readings while monitoring certain parts, like the thermostat, for accuracy. If vibrations, weird noises, or leaks ensue, they’ll tighten loose parts and seal holes and gaps before cleaning up the area. 

Other Heating Units We Install

Our team of heating installation experts can help with the following:


Boilers are another popular choice if you’re considering a heater installation in Fort Collins, CO. Unlike a furnace installation, a boiler installation requires a connection to hot water pipes since they produce steaming water rather than hot air. 

These hydronic heaters run on electricity, gas, oil, or wood pellets. They house pumps that send hot water to cast iron radiators or baseboards around your home. Once there, warmth radiates from these systems into each room, and as the water cools down, it returns to the boiler for reheating. 

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are either:

  • Geothermal (absorbing heat from the ground)
  • Air-sourced (pulling existing warm air from outdoors)
  • Water-sourced (absorbing temperatures from nearby bodies of water)

They transfer existing outdoor heat indoors during the winter to provide comfort. Once you flip the reverse valve, it doubles as a cooling unit for the summer, sending warm air outdoors rather than indoors. Because they don’t heat air like furnaces or boilers, they’re the more cost-effective alternative.

Over 40 Years of Experience Providing Optimal Comfort!

At Hooley Heating & Cooling, our specialized team services everything, including boilers, furnaces, and air conditioners. When you need a crew that does the job right the first time and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, call (970) 493-3272. We’ll provide anything, from an emergency heating repair to a heater installation in Fort Collins, CO, today!

Give us a call today at 970-493-3272 to schedule your service or repairs. 

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